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Gift of Evangelism
Written by James Nored

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Evangelism—Those gifted in evangelism are effective in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with the lost and helping them come to faith in some way. An example of leading through evangelism would be a person telling someone what Christ has done in his or her own life (Jn. 4:39-42).


Spiritual Gifts Passages on Evangelism

“. . . . some to be evangelists” (Eph. 4:11).

Characteristics of Those with This Gift:
- Are able to easily tell how God has blessed their lives and a desire to do this 
- Have a passion for telling people about Jesus and their faith in him 
- Are not afraid to interact with and befriend non-Christians and spend time in their settings 
- Are able to tell inspiring stories of God’s working in their lives that lead others to believe in Christ 
- Have a heart for lost people

Application for World/Workplace/Neighborhood Settings
-  Intentionally go to the same places to eat, shop, get gas, drink coffee, etc., to get to know and build a relationship with non-Christians
-  Learn to ask "God questions" and practice both listening and telling your story of God
-  Ask God to put people in your path with which you can share the gospel

Application for Church Ministry
-  Become familiar with and lead evangelistic Bible studies, such as The Story of Redemption
-  Design an evangelistic strategy for your church, including praying for lost people, plans for how to help Christians reach out in their daily lives, how to serve lost people in the community, how to invite them into seeker small groups/Bible study and worship, etc.
-  Help others see how evangelism can and should be worked into all of the church ministries and take the lead in making this happen

Application for Family
-  Intentionally develop relationships with lost people from your children's friends' families and other web of relationships; tell your stories of God with them, ask to hear their stories, and invite them into study
-  Pass out fliers to church events or neighborhood Bible studies as a family
-  Take frequent walks in the neighborhood as a family so that you can meet people in the neighborhood; write down and remember their names and invite them to a neighborhood party

Watch These Inspiring Videos of People Who Came to Faith as People Used Their Gifts of Evangelism
-  The Story of Redemption: The Lindsey Flennikin and Cyndi & Armando Moncada Story
-  The Story of Redemption: The Kurt Tegge Story
-  The Story of Redemption: The Katie and Laurie Parkinson Story

Testimony/Example of How People Have Used This Gift
Kim, city aviation secretary, married, mother of a college student and a teen-- “It is such a blessing for me when I am able glorify God by sharing how my life has changed by giving it to Christ!! I pray that God will give me opportunities to serve him in this way and that he will always give me the right words to speak.

One opportunity for me to use this gift came through a couple we are friends with. Because they knew my husband and me before we became Christians they had witnessed many struggles we were having in our marriage. When they started to see some things change and improve in our marriage they sought us out individually and began to ask what had changed. It felt so awesome to share with them how much our lives were changing because we had made the decision to take Christ on in baptism. I pray that our testimonies will encourage these friends to seek out Christ for themselves.

Another opportunity happened for me and I didn’t even realize it until much later. It happened during one of our weekly Starbucks outreaches. A young person who has strayed away form the church was attending and he shared some comments with the group about some of the doubts he was having. When the group discussion ended I felt like God was leading me and I found myself reaching out and questioning this person about his doubts. After listening to him I began to realize that he thought some past sins he had committed were so bad that he couldn’t ask God to forgive him. It came as somewhat of a shock to me but I knew at that moment I needed to share my own testimony with him.”







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