Thursday March 23, 2017
Gift of Encouragement
Written by James Nored



Encouragement—This gift equips one to “lift the spirits” of a person, positively affirm someone’s ability, or strongly urge someone to take some action for God. An example of someone leading through encouragement would be seeing potential in someone and calling on him or her to use this potential (Acts 11:23).

Spiritual Gifts Passage on Encouragement 
“. . . If it is encouraging, let him encourage” (Rom. 12:8). 

Characteristics of Those with This Gift:
-  Notice those who are down and seek to lift them up through words, notes, etc.

-  Are able to inspire others to more fully live for God
-  See potential for good in people and seek to bring it out in them
-  Can help restore confidence or bring about new confidence in a person
-  Desire to provide comfort for those who are in mourning

Application for World/Workplace/Neighborhood Settings
Make it a point to find something positive to say to every co-worker each day about the job that they are doing or who they are
-  When a co-worker, neighbor, check out worker, etc. has a loved one in the hospital or has a loved one pass away, bring them a care basket, food, or a card
-  Find a co-worker, or a friend of your children, to mentor and build up; attend their special events, games, etc. and cheer them on

Application for Church Ministry
-  Write uplifting notes and thank you cards each week to ministers, elders, ministry leaders, or members, letting them know you appreciate the work that they do and noting the positives that you see
-  When people "come forward" at church or put in prayer requests, make sure to talk with them or write them notes to let them know that you care
-  Find someone in your ministry to mentor and train

Application for Family
Constantly praise your children or spouse for the genuine good that they do or achievement that they perform
-  Let your children or spouse know that with God and hard work, they can do amazing things
-  Make a scrapbook of your children's or spouse's achievements and good qualities and give this to them as a gift

Testimony/Example of Those Who Have Used This Gift:
Roger, programming project manager, elder, married, father of two grown children and one at home--“I love to encourage people. It is something that I rarely tire of and feel so plugged in to God when I’m exercising this gift. I have encouraged many young people who are serving God in various ways to keep up the good work by giving them a pat on the back and by helping them grow by kindly suggesting ways to improve. There was one young man a few years back who led a devotional talk at our house for the youth group. He was nervous about leading the devo, but he did a fabulous job. The lesson was well thought out and was very meaningful to the kids there that night. I encouraged the young man to keep putting forth that kind of preparation in to his lessons. I also encouraged him to be more of a leader in the youth group. I have helped fellow employees overcome struggles they have had to deal with by listening to them and showing that I care . . . . I have tried to encourage long-time Christians who have been struggling with their faith to not lose hope. We have so much to look forward to!”


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