Thursday March 23, 2017
Gift of Discernment
Written by James Nored


Discernment—This gift equips one to know instinctively what is going on beyond the surface, whether of a situation or an individual. Those with the gift of discernment have the ability to determine genuineness or phoniness. An example of leading through discernment would be a person judging that someone wants to be in a position of leadership out of a wrong motive (1 Jn. 4:1-3).

Spiritual Gifts Passage on Discernment 
“. . . to another distinguishing between spirits” (1 Cor. 12:10). (NIV) 
“. . . to another the discernment of spirits” (1 Cor. 12:10). (NRSV)

-  Are good judges of character
-  Are able to understand different personality types
-  Are aware of things that go on under the surface in people and situations
-  Can quickly recognize authenticity and see through falsity
-  Can sense the Spirit’s working (forces of good) and Satan’s attacks (forces of evil)

Application for World/Workplace/Neighborhood Settings

Serve on hiring committees
-  Warn co-workers when a situation or person would be harmful for them
-  Be alert to destructive spiritual forces in the lives of children's friends' families or neighbors and pray and warn then when you sense a spiritual attack
- Tell co-workers or neighbors where you see that God is working positively in their lives

Application for Church Ministry
-  Always be looking for people who might be good at a particular ministry or leadership role, note their good qualities, and share what you discern with them or with church leaders
- When people are put up for leadership, be alert to any false motives or lack of character
- Help leaders put together ministry teams or suggest people to recruit for a ministry role

Application for Family
- Be alert to spiritual attacks against your spouse, marriage, children, or other family relationships and warn family members when you see Satan or others attacking
- When making important decisions or meeting with people for the first time, share your intuitive insights with your family
- Look for and note positive people or situations that you can direct family members to

Testimony/Example of Those Who Have Used This Gift:
Kevin, real estate agent, married, father of two young children--“My gift of Discernment is most apparent when I’m having a conversation with someone.  I have a way of knowing whether the words they speak are sincere or empty.  I do best when I have a conversation with one person at a time and not in a group setting.  I give my full attention to the other person, and I put a lot of energy into studying their behavior.  I read body language, listen to how words are emphasized, pick up on hesitation in sentences, and I key into tones. From these clues along with their words I’m able to recognize what’s most meaningful to them, what they have passion for, and where their heart is.  I can tell what their true motives really are, and if the words they speak match up with their feelings.


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